Galactosemic Cataract

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Treatment For Galactosemia and The Galactosemic Cataract
... Galactosemic infants present clinical symptoms just days after the onset of a galactose diet ... They include difficulty feeding, diarrhea, lethargy, hypotonia, jaundice, cataract, and hepatomegaly (enlarged liver) ... The treatment for galactosemic cataract is no different from general galactosemia treatment ...
Galactosemic Cataract - Changes in Lens That Accompany Galactitol Accumulation and Osmotic Swelling
... As cataract formation progresses due to galactitol synthesis and subsequent osmotic swelling, changes occur in the lens epithelial cells ... Researchers theorized that this reduction in amino acid and ATP levels during cataract formation is a result of osmotic swelling ... Interestingly, galactosemic patients will also present with amino aciduria and galactitoluria (excessive levels of amino acids and galactitol in the urine) ...

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