Galactic Patrol

The Galactic Patrol was an intergalactic organization in the Lensman science fiction series written by E. E. Smith. It was also the title of the third book in the series.

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Galactic Patrol - Locations - Ultra Prime
... Ultra-Prime is the immensely well-protected fortress that is the Galactic Patrol's base on Klovia ...
The Search For Snout - Plot Summary
... Introducing the crew of the Galactic Patrol vessel Ferkel to his earthling mother proves to be as difficult as predicted, and explaining that he's going with them to find his ... ship's commander) decides to break off from the Galactic Patrol and head for the Mentat instead, the school where Snout became a master of the Mental Arts (incidentally, the building is one big PLANT) ... and the crew after being contacted by the Galactic Patrol ...
Mighty Orbots - Characters - Villain Characters
... and defensive systems of the Shadow Star are so ominous that a direct assault by Galactic Patrol forces is considered to be out of the question ... aliens and elaborate plans to combat the threat of the Galactic Patrol and Mighty Orbots ... the peaceful peoples of the galaxy to make the Galactic Patrol believe that the Orbots have turned evil ...
Galactic Patrol (novel) - Plot Synopsis
... Smith introduces Kimball Kinnison, who will be the hero of the next four books - Galactic Patrol, Gray Lensman, Second Stage Lensmen and (to a lesser extent) Children of ... Galactic Patrol deals with the earliest stages of Kinnison's career, starting with his graduation as a Lensman from the Patrol's academy ... making their ships far faster than anything the Patrol can build ...
Lensman Series - Technology
... Hyper-spatial Tube A "tunnel" through hyperspace, allowing galactic distances to be traversed in minutes, as well as allowing access to other universes ... races, and was eventually discovered and copied by the Patrol ... Inertialess drive generators small enough for a single person are used by Galactic Patrol staff, and Patrol members can travel upward and downward ...

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