Gaia (Final Fantasy VII)

Gaia (Final Fantasy VII)

Gaia (Final Fantasy VII)
Spira (Final Fantasy X)
Ivalice (Final Fantasy XII)

Gaia is the fictional world in the 1997 role-playing video game Final Fantasy VII and its subsequent metaseries Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. Referred to as "The Planet" in the original game, the location was retroactively named "Gaia". Gaia is similar to that of the world of Final Fantasy VI insofar as it is a world with considerably more advanced technology than the first five games in the Final Fantasy series. Overall, Gaia's technology and society approximates that of an industrial or post-industrial science fiction milieu.

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... In the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, there are seven WEAPONs Jade WEAPON, Sapphire WEAPON, Ultima WEAPON, Diamond WEAPON, Emerald WEAPON, Ruby WEAPON and Omega WEAPON ... These entities were created by Gaia as self-defense mechanisms to deal with any threats capable of destroying or severely damaging the Planet ...

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