Fu Jow Pai

Fu Jow Pai (Chinese: 虎爪派, literally "Tiger Claw System"), originally named "Hark Fu Moon" (Black Tiger Kung Fu System), has its origins in Hoy Hong Temple. The system "was modeled after the demeanor and fighting strategy of an attacking tiger. The striking movements are lightning fast, agile and powerful. Techniques unique to Fu-Jow Pai are ripping, tearing, clawing and grasping applications."

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Fu Jow Pai - Contributions
... In 1971, Wai Hong sponsored the first all open style full-contact kung fu tournament in the US and which became the model for future US full-contact tournaments ... He also founded the Eastern United States Kung-Fu Federation, which he led for eight years ... Fu-Jow Pai has appeared in multiple movies, documentaries, and tournaments ...
Paul Vizzio - Martial Studies
... that Vizzio’s personal discovery of Kung-Fu, with its Eastern spiritual overtones, helped him to productively focus his tremendous energy, thereby avoiding the fate ... In the early sixties Vizzio began studying Fu Jow Pai (Tiger Claw System), in New York’s Chinatown, with Grandmaster Ng Wai Hong, the Grandmaster of the Fu Jow Pai ... with the strong, varied kicking techniques of Fu Jow Pai, contributed considerably to Vizzio’s unprecedented success at kickboxing ...