Friedrich Syrup - Bequests


  • Friedrich Syrup Collection at the Fachhochschule des Bundes für öffentliche Verwaltung, field of Labour Administration, SEAD-BA in Mannheim, (1,0 m),

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History Of The Jews In Livorno - Foundations
... The schools subsequently received bequests from the Franchetti family ... Included in the bequests made to these schools, which were among the wealthiest Jewish educational institutions in existence, were a large legacy by Samuele del Mare (1885) and a foundation. 1826 by Solomon Abudarham, and enriched by many bequests from his relatives and from the Franchetti family (building opened in 1863) ...
Sherman Fairchild - Death
... He left bequests to more than 50 relatives, friends and former employees ... Other bequests included were to Ann Diahn Williams of Beverley Hills, California, $2 million, or 1% of the net estate, whichever is greater Cornelia Lynn Sharpe ... Specific bequests to organizations were Roosevelt Hospital, $300,000 the Salvation Army, $200,000 and the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ...
Charitable Donations And Bequests (Ireland) Act 1844
... The Charitable Bequests Act was introduced by Sir Robert Peel in 1844, in an attempt to win over moderate Catholic support ... prohibition of legacies to religious orders, to the invalidation of bequests made less than three months before death, and to what they claimed was potential interference in church discipline ...
Bequest - US Tax Consequences - For The Recipient
... On its face, the receipt of a bequest would seemingly fall within gross income and thus be subject to tax ... Section 102(a) of the Code makes an exception for bequests stating that "Gross income does not include the value of property acquired by gift, bequest, or inheritance." In general ...
Wolder V. Commissioner - Arguments
... Wolder argued the bequests received from Boyce were excluded from income under § 102(a) ... He believed “bequest” in 102(a) had been interpreted by the courts to include bequests made for consideration between the beneficiary and decedent. 179 (1923) which allowed recipients under a will to exclude bequests received “in lieu of all compensation or commissions to which they would ...

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    Just what is the civil law? What neither influence can affect, nor power break, nor money corrupt: were it to be suppressed or even merely ignored or inadequately observed, no one would feel safe about anything, whether his own possessions, the inheritance he expects from his father, or the bequests he makes to his children.
    Marcus Tullius Cicero (106–43 B.C.)