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Typical of the town's nature, there are separate fire stations, post offices and libraries in Assonet & East Freetown. The main police & fire department headquarters building is halfway between the two. The town hall, however, is in Assonet.

Freetown's fire department provides 24-hour ambulance service to the town, and coverage to surrounding communities such as Lakeville. The town is situated between three major cities (Taunton, Fall River, and New Bedford), each with their own hospitals:

  • Morton Hospital & Medical Center in Taunton;
  • St. Anne's Hospital and Charlton Hospital, both in Fall River; and
  • St. Luke's Hospital in New Bedford.

Mental health hospitals in the area include Taunton State Hospital and Bridgewater State Hospital.

Freetown's state highways are patrolled by the Third (Dartmouth) Barracks of Troop D of the Massachusetts State Police.

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