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Louise Of Hesse-Kassel - Converging The Succession Rights
... crown was hereditary, according to the Lex Regia, among the descendants of Frederick III of Denmark (who was the first hereditary monarch of Denmark ... The agnatic descendants of Frederick III became extinct when Frederick VII died, and at that point, the succession law promulgated by Frederick III provided for succession by male-pref ... They were also heirs of Frederick III through an ancestress who was a daughter of King Frederick V of Denmark ...
Christian IX Of Denmark - Heir To The Throne - How Christian Became The Heir
... Frederick VII's childlessness had presented a thorny dilemma and the question of succession to the Danish throne proved problematic ... While Denmark had adopted the Salic Law, this only affected the descendants of Frederick III of Denmark, who was the first hereditary monarch of Denmark (before him, the ... Agnatic descent from Frederick III would end with the death of the childless King Frederick VII and his equally childless uncle, Prince Ferdinand ...
History Of Schleswig-Holstein - 19th Century - Schleswig-Holstein Question - After The First War of Schleswig
... found itself nervous as it became expected that Frederik VII would leave no son, and that upon his death, under Salic law, the possible Crown Princess would have no actual legal right to Schleswig and ... Charlotte, Landgravine of Hesse, sister of Christian VIII, and her son Prince Frederick transferred their rights to the latter's sister Louise, who in her ... On July 31, 1853, Frederick VII of Denmark gave his assent to a law settling the crown on Prince Christian, prince of Denmark, and his male heirs ...
Constitution Of Denmark - History
... The original constitution of Denmark was signed on 5 June 1849 by King Frederick VII ... establishing absolute power for King Frederick III of Denmark, and replacing the old feudal system ... Absolute power was passed along with a succession of Danish monarchs until Frederick VII who agreed to sign the new constitution into law on 5 June 1849, which has since been a Danish national holiday ...
Frederick VII Of Denmark
... Frederick VII (Frederik Carl Christian) (6 October 1808 – 15 November 1863) was a King of Denmark ... Frederick VII managed to make himself one of the most beloved Danish kings of recent times ... Frederick's motto was, The people's love, my strength ...

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    I cannot be indifferent to the assassination of a member of my profession, We should be obliged to shut up business if we, the Kings, were to consider the assassination of Kings as of no consequence at all.
    —Edward VII (1841–1910)

    It’s a pity you didn’t know when you started your game of murder, that I was playing, too.
    Robb White, and William Castle. Frederick Loren (Vincent Price)