Frankie or Franky may be:

  • A hypocoristic of the given names Frank or Francis (or Frances or Francine, for females)

As a given name:

  • Frankie Abernathy, American MTV Real World cast member
  • Frankie Avalon, American actor, singer and teen idol
  • Frankie Boyle, Scottish comedian
  • Frankie Darro, 1940s teen actor
  • Frankie Faison, American actor
  • Frankie Foster, a fictional character in the animated TV series Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
  • Frankie Frisch, baseball player
  • Frankie Howerd, English comedian
  • Frankie Jonas, American actor
  • Frankie Kennedy, Irish musician
  • Frankie Knuckles, American DJ
  • Frankie Lam, Hong Kong actor
  • Frankie Lymon, African-American rock and roll/Rhythm and blues singer
  • Frankie Manning, American dancer
  • Frankie Miller, English singer songwriter
  • Frankie Muniz, American actor
  • Frankie Pineda Jr., Pro-wrestler/cagefighter
  • Frankie Sandford, English singer of S Club 8 and The Saturdays
  • Frankie Thomas, American actor
  • Frankie Valli, American pop singer
  • Frankie Vaughan, English pop singer

As an entertainment industry pseudonym:

  • Franky (One Piece), a character in anime and manga series One Piece
  • Frankie (macaw), the macaw mascot of American professional wrestler Koko B. Ware
  • Frankie Goes to Hollywood, a band from Liverpool, England
  • Frankie Hi-NRG MC, Italian rapper
  • Frankie Foster, a character in Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

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Famous quotes containing the word frankie:

    Frankie mounted to the scaffold as calm as a girl can be,
    —Unknown. Frankie and Johnny (l. 85)

    Frankie and Johnny were lovers, O lordy how they could love,
    Swore to be true to each other, true as the stars above;
    He was her man but he done her wrong.
    —Unknown. Frankie and Johnny (l. 1–3)

    Frankie threw back her kimono, she took out her forty-four.
    Root-a-toot-toot, three times she shot, right through that hardwood
    —Unknown. Frankie and Johnny (l. 25–27)