Frölicher–Nijenhuis Bracket

In mathematics, the Frölicher–Nijenhuis bracket is an extension of the Lie bracket of vector fields to vector-valued differential forms on a differentiable manifold. It is useful in the study of connections, notably the Ehresmann connection, as well as in the more general study of projections in the tangent bundle. It was introduced by Alfred Frölicher and Albert Nijenhuis (1956) and is related to the work of Schouten (1940).

It is related to but not the same as the Nijenhuis–Richardson bracket and the Schouten–Nijenhuis bracket.

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Frölicher–Nijenhuis Bracket - Applications
... The Nijenhuis tensor of an almost complex structure J, is the Frölicher–Nijenhuis bracket of J with itself ... With the Frölicher–Nijenhuis bracket it is possible to define the curvature and cocurvature of a vector-valued 1-form which is a projection ... There is a common generalization of the Schouten–Nijenhuis bracket and the Frölicher–Nijenhuis bracket for details see the article on the Schouten–Nijenhuis bracket ...