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Copyright Law Of The Russian Federation - Copyright Law of 1993 - Objects of Copyright
... Under the 1993 law, copyright covers works of the sciences, literature, and the arts that are the result of creative activity and that exist in objective form ... Neither the value nor the purpose of a work is a criterion for copyrightability ... An "objective form" is any realization of a work such that it can be perceived by others in any way ...
Copyright Law Of Russia - International Copyright Relations - Copyright On Foreign Works in The USSR and In Russia
... Prior to the accession of the Soviet Union to the UCC, only works by foreign authors that were first published in the USSR and unpublished works of foreign authors that existed in ... in 1973 and the treaty entered in force with respect to the USSR on May 27, 1973, foreign works first published on or after that date outside of the USSR ... them also two Western countries, made works of nationals of these countries eligible for copyright in the Soviet Union, even works published before May 27, 1973 ...
Foreign Works Published in The USA Without Copyright Notice
... Certain foreign works published in the USA without copyright notice prior to 1989, which made them "public domain", have had their copyrights "restored" under ... This creates the anomaly that foreign works from 1923 to 1989 may be afforded more US copyright protection than domestic US works published in that same period, even though they were both ...
Copyright Law Of The Soviet Union - Accession To The UCC in 1973 - Licensing
... they only could grant a publisher a limited right to use a work for a specific purpose for a limited time (typically five years) ... contracts existed for different kinds of works, but they all shared this same basic characteristic ... In all cases, the intended use of the work by a publisher was exactly described (e.g ...
Copyright Law Of The Russian Federation - Copyright Law of 1993 - Amendments of The 1993 Copyright Law
... Instead, the authors of these cinematographic works were the natural persons identified in the 1993 law as such ... schedule expressed in percentages of the income generated by the use of the works ... This term extension applied only to works that were still copyrighted in Russia in 2004 ...

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    To receive applause for works which do not demand all our powers hinders our advance towards a perfecting of our spirit. It usually means that thereafter we stand still.
    —G.C. (Georg Christoph)

    If the contemplation, even of inanimate beauty, is so delightful; if it ravishes the senses, even when the fair form is foreign to us: What must be the effects of moral beauty? And what influence must it have, when it embellishes our own mind, and is the result of our own reflection and industry?
    David Hume (1711–1776)