Fong can refer to:

  • The Hong Kong Government Cantonese romanization of the surname Fang (Chinese: 方)
  • Taishanese pronunciation of the Chinese surname Kuang (simplified Chinese: 邝; traditional Chinese: 鄺)
  • The Bulu tribe of the Beti-Pahuin people of Cameroon

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... Mona Fong Yat Wah, Lady Shaw is a Hong Kong film and television producer and production manager ... To date, Fong has produced over a hundred films since 1977, the latest of which was Drunken Monkey in 2002 ...
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... family's savings, much to the displeasure of his wife, Mui Fan Fong (Yammie Nam.) However, despite Ding Wing Cheung's weak personality and lack of self-control, he is still a caring and loving father ... Desperate for money to spend for the New Year, Fong, an ex-thief, steals a man's purse ... official who was murdered shortly after the pickpocketing, and Fong is framed for the murder ...
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