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Charge Trap Flash - Manufacturing Charge Trapping Flash - Process Differences From Floating Gate
... Floating gate structures have required more elaborate gate dielectrics for the past few process generations and today commonly use an ONO (oxide-nitride ... sensitive to high temperature fabrication processing than is the polysilicon used in a floating gate ... of a MirrorBit NOR flash wafer is lower than that of a conventional floating gate wafer since there are 10% fewer photolithography mask steps, and 40% fewer “Critical” steps (those requiring ...
Charge Trap Flash - Charge Trapping Operation - Charge Trapping Vs Floating Gate Mechanisms
... trapping flash electrons are stored in a trapping layer just as they are stored in the floating gate in a standard flash memory, EEPROM, or EPROM ... is that the charge trapping layer is an insulator, while the floating gate is a conductor ... are created a short circuit develops between the floating gate and the transistor’s channel and the floating gate can no longer hold a charge ...
Programmable Metallization Cell - Comparison
... Flash is based on the floating gate concept, essentially a modified transistor ... Conventional flash transistors have three connections, the source, drain and gate ... The gate is the essential component of the transistor, controlling the resistance between the source and drain, and thereby acting as a switch ...
Floating-gate MOSFET
... The floating-gate MOSFET (FGMOS) is a field-effect transistor, whose structure is similar to a conventional MOSFET ... The gate of the FGMOS is electrically isolated, creating a floating node in DC, and a number of secondary gates or inputs are deposited above the floating gate (FG) and are electrically isolated from it ...
Spansion - Products
... It has developed two Flash memory technologies, single-bit-per-cell floating gate technology and one-, two- or more-bit-per-cell MirrorBit technology, with MirrorBit products based on two-bits per cell and allow ... storage and execution is based on NOR Flash memory architecture and utilize either traditional floating gate technology or its MirrorBit technology ... Its Floating Gate and MirrorBit technology is used to make networking and telecommunications equipment, consumer electronics, gaming equipment, TV set-to ...

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