Floating City

Floating city may refer to:

  • Floating city (science fiction), settlements that use buoyancy to remain in the atmosphere of a planet
  • Ocean colonization, the theory and practice of building structures to allow humans to live permanently in areas of Earth covered in water
  • Very large floating structure, the theory and practice of building floating structures on the sea

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... Freedom Ship, a concept for a floating city ship proposed by Norman Nixon of Freedom Ship International "Floating City" (song), by Tori Amos' 1980s synthpop band Raft Cities (from the Mortal Engines Quartet of books ...
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... In the game Minecraft, there there is a floating island called the End, populated by gangly ominous-looking humanoid creatures called Endermen ... Kingdom of Zeal, a floating island based magical kingdom, encountered in 12000 BC in Chrono Trigger ... City in the Sky, the seventh dungeon level of The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess ...
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... Officer Spock, despite Ardana's leader High Advisor Plasus's request to beam to the floating city of Stratos ... the rioting miners off, then invites Kirk and Spock to go with him back to the city immediately while his people search for the zienite ... Once on the floating city, Kirk and Spock are entertained as guests until the zienite can be procured from the mines ...

Famous quotes containing the words city and/or floating:

    Yet, when the city sleeps;
    When all the cries are still:
    The stars and heavenly deeps
    Work out a perfect will.
    Lionel Pigot Johnson (1867–1902)

    The structure was designed by an old sea captain who believed that the world would end in a flood. He built a home in the traditional shape of the Ark, inverted, with the roof forming the hull of the proposed vessel. The builder expected that the deluge would cause the house to topple and then reverse itself, floating away on its roof until it should land on some new Ararat.
    —For the State of New Jersey, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)