Flexplay is a trademark for a DVD-compatible optical video disc format with a time-limited (usually 48-hour) playback time. They are often described as "self-destructing" although the disc merely turns black and does not physically disintegrate. The same technology was used by Disney's Buena Vista Home Entertainment under the name ez-D. The Flexplay concept was invented by two professors, Yannis Bakos and Erik Brynjolfsson, who founded Flexplay Technologies in 1999. The technology was developed by Flexplay Technologies and General Electric.

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Flexplay - Releases
... that it would issue some releases on Flexplay ez-D discs ... saying "It didn't turn out to be an item that our customers were looking for." In 2004 Flexplay was purchased by The Convex Group who also own the ... As of 2004, Flexplay discs were priced at around US$4.99, a price comparable to that of a two-day DVD rental ...