Flavor of Love (season 3) - Episodes - "'Til Death Do Us Part"

"'Til Death Do Us Part"

First aired April 7, 2008

Flav prepares a Wedding and Funeral Challenge for the nine remaining ladies and they all have to form into teams of three. Thing 1, Thing 2 and Sinceer were team 1, Hotlanta, Tree and Seezinz were team 2, and Prototype, Black and Luscious D were team 3. During the wedding challenge, Thing 1 said Flav's real name wrong, even though they won the challenge. Hotlanta was upset that Flav didn't stand up for her when Seezinz objected to her marriage with Flav like he did the other girls. During the funeral challenge Sinceer cried, making her the winner due to her wedding and funeral speech and her date was to go in an airplane with Flav. Unfortunately, Flav pressed the emergency fuel shutoff while kissing and the plane started to fall. Luckily, he pulled the lever in time to save himself and Sinceer. While they were on the date, Tree, Black and Luscious D spoke with Hotlanta and Hotlanta insinuated that Flav was broke and that the mansion was not his and that she was "going off" tonight. Later on that night when Flav spends one-on-one time with the ladies, Tree requested Hotlanta attend her one on one time with Flav where she told Flav in front of Hotlanta about what she said. Hotlanta tries to defend herself claiming that they took what she said out of context. Thing 1 then calls Hotlanta a "money hungry bitch." Thing 1 states, "You want Stability and you're not gonna get it here." At elimination, Flav sends home Luscious D because she was a nice girl but he felt like they did not have a strong enough connection. He had a clock for Hotlanta and gave it to her but then said, "Your time is up." Hotlanta agrees to leave, but says "I said that if I left I wouldn't regret anything. But the only thing I regret is trusting you. In Flav, Hotlanta does not trust". Hotlanta cries during her exit interview.

Team 1: Thing 1, Thing 2, Sinceer
Team 2: Hotlanta, Tree, Seezinz
Team 3: Prototype, Black, Luscious D
  • Challenge winners: Team 1/Sinceer
  • Last Clock: Hotlanta
  • Eliminated: Luscious D, Hotlanta

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