Flat Nose

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Bullet Abbreviations
... Remington Core-Lokt CN – Cupronicknel CNCS – Cupronickel-Clad Steel CTFB – Closed Tip Flat Base DBBWC – Double bevel based wadcutter DEWC – Double Ended Wadcutter DGS ... Jacketed JAP – Jacketed Aluminium Point JFP – Jacketed Flat Point JHC – Jacketed Hollow Cavity JHP – Jacketed Hollow Point JHP/sabot ... VMAX – Hornady V-Max VLD – Very Low Drag WC – Wadcutter WFN – Wide Flat Nose WFNGC – Wide Flat Nose Gas Check WLN – Wide Long Nose X – Barnes X-Bullet XTP – Hornady Extreme Terminal ...

Famous quotes containing the words nose and/or flat:

    Love sits enthroned in Clara’s eyes,
    The Graces play her lips around,
    And in her cheeks the tendrest dyes
    Of lilly mixed with rose are found.
    Where charms so irresistless throng
    What mortal heart can try resistance?
    But ah! her nose is two feet long,
    And bids our passions keep their distance.
    Horace Walpole (1717–1797)

    They are not flat surfaces
    Having curved outlines.
    They are round
    Tapering toward the top.
    Wallace Stevens (1879–1955)