Finitely Presented Groups

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Stallings Theorem About Ends Of Groups - Applications and Generalizations
... proof by Stallings of a long-standing conjecture that every finitely generated group of cohomological dimension one is free and that every torsion-free virtually free group ... subgroup is a quasi-isometry invariant of a finitely generated group since the number of ends of a finitely generated group is easily seen to be a quasi-isometry invariant ... is considered to be one of the first results in geometric group theory ...
Your Life In Their Hands
... Its first run lasted from 1958 to 1964 and was presented by Dr ... An early 1970s revival (the first in colour) was presented by Jonathan Miller, and another revival, lasting from 1979 to 1987, was presented by Robert Winston ...
Important Developments in Bass–Serre Theory
... theory in the last 30 years include Various accessibility results for finitely presented groups that bound the complexity (that is, the number of ... These results include Dunwoody's theorem about accessibility of finitely presented groups stating that for any finitely presented group G there exists a bound on the ... The theory of JSJ-decompositions for finitely presented groups ...
Word Problem For Groups - Unsolvability of The Uniform Word Problem
... The criterion, given above for the solvability of the word problem in a single group can be extended to a criterion for the uniform solvability of the word problem for a class of finitely ... result is To solve the uniform word problem for a class K of groups it is sufficient to find a recursive function f(P,w) that takes a finite presentation P for a group G and a word ... In other words the uniform word problem for the class of all finitely presented groups with solvable word problem is unsolvable ...
Dehn Function - Basic Properties
... If G and H are quasi-isometric finitely presented groups and some finite presentation of G has an isoperimetric function f(n) then for any finite ... In particular, this fact holds for G = H, where the same group is given by two different finite presentations ... Consequently, for a finitely presented group the growth type of its Dehn function, in the sense of the above definition, does not depend on the choice of a finite presentation ...

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