Field Component

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Near And Far Field - Definitions - Regions According To Diffraction Behavior - Far-field Diffraction
... overall dimension or aperture width (D) that is large compared to the wavelength λ, the far-field region is commonly taken to exist at distances from the source, greater than Fresnel parameter ... For a beam focused at infinity, the far-field region is sometimes referred to as the "Fraunhofer region" ... Other synonyms are "far-field", "far-zone", and "radiation field" ...
Transverse Mode - Types of Modes
... types TE modes (Transverse Electric) no electric field in the direction of propagation ... TM modes (Transverse Magnetic) no magnetic field in the direction of propagation ... TEM modes (Transverse ElectroMagnetic) neither electric nor magnetic field in the direction of propagation ...

Famous quotes containing the words component and/or field:

    ... no one knows anything about a strike until he has seen it break down into its component parts of human beings.
    Mary Heaton Vorse (1874–1966)

    A field of water betrays the spirit that is in the air. It is continually receiving new life and motion from above. It is intermediate in its nature between land and sky.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)