• (noun): A musician who plays the violin.
    Synonyms: violinist
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Fiddlesticks (musical Instrument)
... While the fiddler plays in normal fashion, a second person uses a pair of straws, sticks, or knitting needles to tap out a rhythm on the strings over ... he has never encountered it among British and Irish fiddlers, and suggests that it may have arisen on American plantations as a substitute for African musical instruments ... "Mardi Gras Jig" by a group led by Cajun fiddler and singer Dewey Balfa, or by Al and Emily Cantrell ...
Robert Fiddler
... Robert James Fiddler was a former mayor and council member of Ramona, Oklahoma ... Fiddler was born March 24, 1931 in Ramona, Oklahoma to Harry and Leota (Blevins) Fiddler, the first of four children ...
Charles Ross Taggart
... all over North America as "The Man From Vermont" and "The Old Country Fiddler" from 1895-1938 ... He would make over 40 recordings of his "Old Country Fiddler" and "Pineville Folks" monologues with various labels, starting in the 1910s, including Edison ... Taggart for a short film "The Old Country Fiddler at the Singing School" made in the DeForest Phonofilm sound-on-film process ...
BBC Scotland Young Traditional Musician Of The Year - Winners
2011 - Kristan Harvey, Orkney - fiddler 2009 - Ruairidh Macmillan, Nairn - fiddler 2008 - Ewan Robertson (23) Carr-bridge - guitarist, singer 2007 - Catriona Watt (19), Lewis ...
Mercedes Lackey Collections - Free Bards Universe - Bardic Voices
0-671-87853-0) The Free Bards had their genesis in the story "Fiddler Fair," originally written for an Andre Norton shared-world anthology titled ... "Fiddler Fair" may be found in the Mercedes Lackey short-story collection that is also titled Fiddler Fair ...

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  • (noun): Someone who manipulates in a nervous or unconscious manner.
    Synonyms: twiddler
  • (noun): An unskilled person who tries to fix or mend.
    Synonyms: tinkerer