Feydeau may refer to:

  • Ernest-Aimé Feydeau (1821-1873), French writer
  • Georges Feydeau (1862-1921), playwright, son of Ernest-Aimé
  • Théâtre Feydeau, a theatre completed in 1791 in Paris, France, and its company of performers

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Théâtre Feydeau
... The Théâtre Feydeau, a former Parisian theatre company, was founded in 1789 with the patronage of Monsieur, Comte de Provence (later to become Louis XVIII), and was therefore initially named ... beginning in 1791, settled into its own custom-built theatre, the Salle Feydeau located on the Rue Feydeau ... The company was renamed Feydeau after the royal family was arrested during the French Revolution ...
Murray Melvin - Selected Theatre Performances
... POOR DAD Bouzin in Feydeau’s CAT AMONG THE PIGDEONS Dufausset in Feydeau’s PIG IN A POKE Gilbert in Willis Hall’s KIDNAPPED AT CHRISTMAS Dorset ...
Elfriede Jelinek - Bibliography - Translations
... Thomas Pynchon 1976 Herrenjagd Drama by Georges Feydeau 1983 Floh im Ohr Drama by Georges Feydeau 1986 Der Gockel Drama by Georges Feydeau 1986 Die Affaire Rue de Lourcine Drama by Eugène Labiche 1988 Die Dame vom ...
Ernest-Aimé Feydeau
... Ernest-Aimé Feydeau (16 March 1821 – 27 October 1873) was a French writer and the father of the notorious comic playwright Georges Feydeau ... Besides his novels Feydeau wrote several plays, and he is also the author of Histoire générale des usages funèbres et des sépultures des peuples anciens (3 vols ...