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Ugly Betty (season 2) - Plot
... and that Fey is her real mother, but they do not know who her biological father is ... advantage of Alexis' amnesia by telling her that they are on good terms and are a loving father and daughter ... She also finds out some more information about her conception, and receives a list of possible fathers ...
Index Of Molecular Biology Articles - G
... gel electrophoresis - gel shift - gel shift assay - gene - gene amplification - gene conversion - gene expression - gene mapping - gene pool - gene therapy - gene transfer - genetic code - genetic counseling ...
Gene - Changing Concept
... The concept of the gene has changed considerably (see history section) ... It was also previously believed that one gene makes one protein this concept was overthrown by the discovery of alternative splicing and trans-splicing ... The definition of a gene is still changing ...
Galactosemia - Cause
... is inherited in an autosomal recessive manner, meaning a child must inherit one defective gene from each parent to show the disease ... Heterozygotes are carriers, because they inherit one normal gene and one defective gene ...
Gene Family
... A gene family is a set of several similar genes, formed by duplication of a single original gene, and generally with similar biochemical functions ... One such family are the genes for human haemoglobin subunits the ten genes are in two clusters on different chromosomes, called the α-globin and β-globin loci ... Genes are categorized into families based on shared nucleotide or protein sequences ...

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    Cursed be the hand that fired the shot,
    The frenzied brain that hatched the plot,
    Thy country’s Father slain
    By thee, thou worse than Cain!
    Richard Henry Stoddard (1825–1903)