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Computer Facial Animation - Techniques - 3D Animation
... Three-dimensional head models provide the most powerful means of generating computer facial animation ... works on computerized head models for graphics and animation was done by Parke ... This model was extended by other researchers to include more facial features and add more flexibility ...
Keith Waters
... has been involved in facial animation for the past 20 years ... He development of a muscle-based model for facial animation including a physically based skin tissue model as well as a visual text-to-speech system called DECface ... He is co-author of "Computer Facial Animation", a guide to facial animation the first edition published in 1995 and a second edition in 2008 ...
Computer-animated Television Series - Modeling Human Faces
... Main article Computer facial animation The realistic modeling of human facial features is both one of the most challenging and sought after elements in computer-generated ... Computer facial animation is a highly complex field where models typically include a very large number of animation variables ... the first SIGGRAPH tutorials on State of the art in Facial Animation in 1989 and 1990 proved to be a turning point in the field by bringing together and ...
Killzone 2 - Development
... The animation was done in Maya 8.5 with some motion capture animations tweaked in MotionBuilder ... In-game animation was assisted with another tool they created called "AnimationBlender" and particle effects were edited using a tool called "Particle Editor" ... Most of the animation was done using motion capture with some animations, reload animations for example, done by hand ...

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