Félix Du Temple De La Croix

Félix du Temple de la Croix (July 18, 1823– November 4, 1890) (usually simply called Félix du Temple) was a French naval officer and an inventor, born into an ancient Normandy family. He developed some of the first flying machines and is credited with the first successful flight of a powered aircraft of any sort, a powered model plane, in 1857, and is sometimes credited with the first manned powered flight in history onboard his Monoplane in 1874, twenty-nine years before the 1903 flight of the Wright brothers. He was a contemporary of Jean-Marie Le Bris, another French flight pioneer who was active in the same region of France.

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Félix Du Temple De La Croix - Quote
... forward without any visible movement of the wings and without falling significantly" — Félix du Temple ...

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