Eyes of The Storm

Eyes of the Storm is the third book in the Bone series. It collects issues 13-19 of Jeff Smith's Bone comic book series along with 5 previously unpublished story pages and 9 new illustrations. It marks the conclusion of the first part of the saga, titled "Vernal Equinox". The book was first published by Cartoon Books in its original black-and-white form in 1996. Paperback and hardback coloured editions were published in 2006 by Scholastic. The volume begins to show more mature storytelling than previous volumes, an example of this being that there is more issues of violence featured.

The mysteries of the past are brought to light as Gran'ma Ben reveals the truth about Thorn's parents and childhood, and her connection with the Dragons. Unrest in the valley grows as the Rat Creatures become bolder in their pursuit of "the one who bears the star", while Phoney and Smiley make a bet with Lucius Down over who can run the Barrelhaven tavern best.

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    John Ashbery (b. 1927)

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