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Bivector - Three Dimensions - Geometric Interpretation
... In three dimensions all bivectors can be generated by the exterior product of two vectors ... The exterior product is antisymmetric, so reversing the order of a and b to make a move along b results in a bivector with the opposite direction that is the negative of the first ... This relates the cross product to the exterior product ...
Bivector - Three Dimensions
... In three dimensions the geometric product of two vectors is This can be split into the symmetric, scalar valued, interior product and the antisymmetric, bivector valued ... into symmetric scalar and antisymmetric bivector parts as follows The exterior product of two bivectors in three dimensions is zero ... A bivector B can be written as the product of its magnitude and a unit bivector, so writing β for
... In mathematics, a bivector or 2-vector is a quantity in exterior algebra or geometric algebra that extends the idea of scalars and vectors ... Bivectors are generated by the exterior product on vectors given two vectors a and b, their exterior product a ∧ b is a bivector, as is the sum of any bivectors ... Not all bivectors can be generated as a single exterior product ...

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