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Bids For The 2018 Winter Olympics - Potential Cities Overview
... These cities launched bids or indicated interest, but ultimately did not bid to the IOC ... China Li Zhanshu, governor of Heilongjiang Province, expressed interest for Harbin, host of the 2009 Winter Universiade, or possibly Changchun ... The cities of Grenoble, Nice, and Pelvoux also expressed interest to the French Olympic Committee, but were passed over for Annecy ...
Union State - Developments - Contemplated Expansion
... recognised only by Russia, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Nauru) have expressed interest in joining the Union with the Spokesman of the Union reciprocating this interest ... Kazakhstan has expressed interest in forming a separate customs union with Russia and Belarus by 2010 ... Moldovan elections has since shifted Moldovan interest towards the European Union ...
Bids For The 2016 Summer Olympics - Potential Cities Overview
... Several Australian cities expressed interest, such as Brisbane ... Bangkok, Thailand expressed much enthusiasm after their strong performance in the 2004 Games, but instead applied to host the 2010 Youth Games ... Brussels, Belgium showed interest after some politicians considered an organisation between a Belgian city and a Dutch City after the Euro 2000 co-organized by both countries ...
Superman In Film - Original Motion Picture Series - Other Proposals - Superman: Flyby
... hired to direct in September 2002, originally expressing an interest in casting an unknown for the lead role, while filming was to start sometime in late 2003 ... Christopher Walken was in negotiations for Perry White, while Ratner expressed an interest in casting Anthony Hopkins as Jor-El, and Ralph Fiennes as Lex Luthor (two of his cast members in Red Dragon) ... Jerry O'Connell expressed interest for the role, while David Boreanaz auditioned, but dropped out due to scheduling conflicts with Angel ...

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    Justice is a moral virtue, merely because it has that tendency to the good of mankind, and indeed is nothing but an artificial invention to that purpose. The same may be said of allegiance, of the laws of nations, of modesty, and of good manners. All these are mere human contrivances for the interest of society.
    David Hume (1711–1776)

    While the focus in the landscape of Old World cities was commonly government structures, churches, or the residences of rulers, the landscape and the skyline of American cities have boasted their hotels, department stores, office buildings, apartments, and skyscrapers. In this grandeur, Americans have expressed their Booster Pride, their hopes for visitors and new settlers, and customers, for thriving commerce and industry.
    Daniel J. Boorstin (b. 1914)