Exponential may refer to any of several mathematical topics related to exponentiation, including:

  • Exponential function, also:
  • Exponential decay, decrease at a rate proportional to value
  • Exponential discounting, a specific form of the discount function, used in the analysis of choice over time
  • Exponential growth, where the growth rate of a mathematical function is proportional to the function's current value
  • Exponential map, in differential geometry
  • Exponential notation, also known as scientific notation, or standard form
  • Exponential object, in category theory
  • Exponential time, in complexity theory
  • in probability and statistics:
    • Exponential distribution, a family of continuous probability distributions
    • Exponential family, sometimes used in place of "exponential family"
    • Exponential smoothing, a technique that can be applied to time series data
  • Exponential type or function type, in type theory
  • Topics listed at list of exponential topics

Exponential may also refer to:

  • Exponential Technology, a vendor of PowerPC microprocessors

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Double Exponential Function
... A double exponential function is a constant raised to the power of an exponential function ... formula is, which grows much more quickly than an exponential function ... Factorials grow faster than exponential functions, but much slower than double-exponential functions ...
Expressions For Lorentz Transformations of Bispinors
... The exponential is the exponential map, in this case the matrix exponential defined by putting the matrix into the usual power series for the exponential function ...
Lie Product Formula
... complex matrices A and B, where eA denotes the matrix exponential of A ... This formula is an analogue of the classical exponential law which holds for all real or complex numbers x and y ... If x and y are replaced with matrices A and B, and the exponential replaced with a matrix exponential, it is usually necessary for A and B to commute for the law to still hold ...
Six Exponentials Theorem - Generalization To Commutative Group Varieties
... The exponential function uniformizes the exponential map of the multiplicative group ... The six exponential theorem can be thus reformulated in a more abstract manner as follows In this way the statement of the six exponentials theorem can be generalized to an arbitrary commutative group variety over ... of the generalization.) This generalized six exponential conjecture, however, seems out of scope at the current state of transcendental number theory ...