European Federation For Primatology - Purposes


The purpose of the Federation is:

  • To coordinate actions related to primatology between the different European societies. Such coordination include:
    • Circulation of information between the different national primatological societies and groups of primatologists.
    • Meetings of the different national societies, specialist groups and other workshops.
    • Scientific activities, research and educational projects relevant to primatology.
  • To promote rational management of captive primates and to make primate subjects and study sites available to a maximum of students and researchers.
  • To provide the Council of Europe and other European institutions with experts on all issues related to primatology.
  • To participate, through the Council of Europe, in decisions relevant to primate trade and primate captive breeding.
  • To promote the establishment of national societies of primatologists, national groups and European specialist groups of primatologists.

The aims of all affiliated societies or groups are identical to those of the International Primatological Society, IPS:

  • To encourage all areas of non-human primatological scientific research.
  • To facilitate cooperation among scientists of all nationalities engaged in primate research.
  • To promote the conservation of all primate species.

Protection of captive primates, this means the improvement of its well-being, is one of the most important activities in EFP. Therefore EFP to promote the dialogue with all people involved in primatology and studies providing scientific evidence on primate welfare issues.

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