ETO may refer to:

  • Earth to orbit, the process or means of placing a payload into an orbit around the Earth
  • Engineer to order, a production approach where once a confirmed order for products is received, products are built
  • Ethylene oxide, an important industrial chemical
    • ETO sterilizer (or ET sterilizer), a type of sterilizer for medical equipment
  • European Theater of Operations, the term used in the United States to refer to US operations north of the Mediterranean coast, in the European Theatre of World War II
  • Samuel Eto'o (born 1981), Cameroonian football player
  • ETO, another name for RUNX1T1
  • Eto Demerzel, a recurring character in Isaac Asimov's books
  • Győri ETO KC, is a Hungarian women's handball club from Győr
  • ETO Park, a multi-use stadium in Győr, Hungary
  • Early termination option, a clause in sports contracts that allows players to forgo their option year
  • Grant ETO, a phrase used by NGO, Non-Profit and community service organizations to measure productivity and penetration. Similar in many respects to traditional business use of P&L (Profit and Loss) and Productivity Evaluation and Tracking products and software. Some of the key companys in this area are,, and all of whom provide both FREE and paid solutions.

Other articles related to "eto":

... Eto is another form of aśuddhatā ... It is acceptable for close family members to eat the other’s eto food, however, there are some eto relationships that are one-sided ... example, a servant can eat an employer’s eto food, but the employer cannot eat the servant’s eto food ...
... Mfumu'eto is a magazine, that was established in the 1990s by a high priest named Mfumu'eto ... magazines, such as Fula Ngenge, Mfumu'eto's comics inaugurated the era of the author as the producer in the Democratic Republic of Congo's literary world ... Mfumu'Eto also drew inspiration from local traditions, combining African traditional medicine with religion, pulp fiction with politics,and irony with attitude ...
Győri Audi ETO KC - History
... The ETO was founded in 1904, but the women's handball section wasn't created until 1948 ... However, their most successful period started in 2005 when Győri ETO won the Hungarian Championship and the Hungarian Cup, and reached the final of the EHF Cup ... In 2009 Győri ETO reached the final of the Champions League, meeting Danish champion Viborg HK ...
Advanced European Theater Of Operations - Counters
... The Advanced ETO playing pieces are not especially unique for a strategic-level game, sporting a combination of icons for air and naval units, and standard NATO symbols for land units ... effort was made to improve on the original ETO pieces ... Advanced ETO includes 2240 game pieces (eight sheets of 280 counters each) representing most of the nations of Europe during World War 2 ...