Episodic Memories

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Memory Consolidation - Systems Consolidation - Multiple Trace Theory
... Theory (MTT) builds on the distinction between semantic memory and episodic memory and addresses perceived shortcomings of the standard model with respect to the ... that the hippocampus is always involved in the retrieval and storage of episodic memories ... It is thought that semantic memories, including basic information encoded during the storage of episodic memories, can be established in structures apart from the hippocampal system such as ...
Autobiographical Memory - Effects of Age - Age Effects
... age differences, but distinctions between semantic versus episodic memories in older adults compared with younger people have been found ... Episodic to semantic shift Piolino, Desgranges, Benali, and Eustache (2002) investigated age effects on autobiographical memory using an autobiographical questionnaire which distinguished ... They proposed a transition from episodic to semantic memory in autobiographical memory recollection with increased age ...
Autobiographical Memory - Theories - Formation
... These clusters of memories often form around the theme of either achieving or failing to achieve personal goals ... These memories of goal-attainment pass on important information about the self, such as how easily a skill can be acquired, or an individual's success and failure rates for certain tasks ... in ESK fade very quickly, though certain memories for specific events tend to endure longer ...

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    Unless your baby becomes uncomfortable and tries to push away, don’t worry that you’re cuddling too much. That way, when she reaches adolescence and goes through a normal period of being terribly embarrassed even to be seen with you in public, you’ll have some memories to tide you over until she comes around again.
    Lawrence Kutner (20th century)