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Commies - Marxist Communism - Autonomism
... in Italy, France, and to a lesser extent the English-speaking countries ... Autonomen movements provided inspiration to some on the revolutionary left in English speaking countries, particularly among anarchists, many of whom have adopted autonomist ... Some English-speaking anarchists even describe themselves as Autonomists ...
Christian Clergy - Styles and Forms of Address - Roman Catholic
... In most English-speaking countries the forms of address are A priest is usually referred to as Father sometimes he is addressed as Your Reverence or ... Up until the 19th century, secular clergy in English-speaking countries were usually addressed as "Mister" (which was, in those days, a title reserved for gentleman, those outside ... In the early 19th century the English-speaking custom of calling all priests "Father" came into being ...
History Of Jersey - 19th Century
... The number of English speaking soldiers stationed in the island and the number of retired officers and English speaking labourers who came to the islands in the 1820s saw the ...
Laurier Macdonald High School - History
... The new school was to serve the English-speaking Catholic population of the City of Saint-Léonard ... Parti Québécois government had declared a moratorium on the construction of English schools shortly after its accession to power in the fall of 1976 ... the attention to all, the plight of treatment of all English speaking schools in the eastern part of Montreal ...
Liberal Elite
... usage in the United States is applied with various changes to other English speaking countries and by extension to left-leaning elites in other countries ... have the same political connotation in all English speaking countries ...

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    Sulking is silent because speaking would reveal its folly.
    Mason Cooley (b. 1927)

    The boneless quality of English conversation, which, so far as I have heard it, is all form and no content. Listening to Britons dining out is like watching people play first-class tennis with imaginary balls.
    Margaret Halsey (b. 1910)