Elsayed Elsayed Wagih - Membership of Departmental, College, University and National Committees

Membership of Departmental, College, University and National Committees

Wagih has served as a member on many committees including 'The Editorial Advisory Committee' on Virology and Biotechnology, Alexandria Journal of Agricultural Research, 'Education and Student Affairs Committee', 'Curricula-Developing Committee', the Committee which has been established in response to the National Quality Assurance and Accreditation (QAA) requirements, and the 'Post-graduate & Research Affairs Committee', College of Agriculture, University of Alexandria. He has also been a member of the 'University of Alexandria Biotechnology Experts Committee', invited by the University of Alexandria to establish a Biotechnology Centre and coordinate research activities in Biotechnology among the different disciplines throughout the University. He is currently the President of the 'International Biotechnology Affairs Committee', Arab Society for Biotechnology and the Chief Advisor on Biotechnology affairs for the College of Agriculture Administration.

In addition, he has been selected by the Academy of Scientific research & Technology as a member of the National Committee on reviewing and assessing Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology project proposals submitted to the Academy by the Egyptian Centres of Excellence of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology.

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