Electron Withdrawing

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Carbonyl 1,2 Asymmetric Induction - Anti–Felkin Selectivity
... A non-chelating electron-withdrawing substituent effect can also result in anti-Felkin selectivity ... If a substituent on the α-carbon is sufficiently electron withdrawing, the nucleophile will add anti- relative to the electron withdrawing group ...
Activating Group
... In organic chemistry, an electron donating group (EDG) (electron releasing group (ERG) or activating group) is an atom or functional group that donates some of ... EDGs have the opposite effect on nucleophilicity as electron withdrawing groups (EWGs) ... When attached to a benzene molecule, an electron donating group makes it more likely to participate in electrophilic substitution reactions ...
Polar Effect
... An electron withdrawing group or EWG draws electrons away from a reaction center ... When this center is an electron rich carbanion or an alkoxide anion, the presence of the electron-withdrawing substituent has a stabilizing effect ... Examples of electron withdrawing groups are halogens (F, Cl) nitriles CN carbonyls CO nitro groups NO2 ...

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