Eigenvalue Problems

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Calculus Of Variations - Eigenvalue Problems - Eigenvalue Problems in Several Dimensions
... Eigenvalue problems in higher dimensions are defined in analogy with the one-dimensional case ... completeness results, asymptotic properties of the eigenvalues and results concerning the nodes of the eigenfunctions are in Courant and Hilbert (1953) ...
Spectral Method
... (ODEs), partial differential equations (PDEs) and eigenvalue problems involving differential equations ... Eigenvalue problems for ODEs are similarly converted to matrix eigenvalue problems ... in 1969 including, but not limited to, Fourier series methods for periodic geometry problems, polynomial spectral methods for finite and unbounded geometry problems, pseudospectral methods for highly ...
List Of Numerical Libraries - C
... BLOPEX (Block Locally Optimal Preconditioned Eigenvalue Xolvers) is an open-source library for the scalable (parallel) solution of eigenvalue problems ... parallel library for solving systems of linear equations and standard eigenvalue problems with real sparse matrices using iterative methods ... SLEPc Scalable Library for Eigenvalue Problem Computations is a PETSc-based open-source library for the scalable (parallel) solution of eigenvalue problems ...

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