ECR can stand for

  • Efficient Consumer Response, a trade and industry body
  • US Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution
  • European Conservatives and Reformists, a grouping within the European Union
  • East Coast Radio (South Africa), a South African radio station (FM 94-95)
  • East Coast Radio (Ireland), an Irish radio station
  • Roads:
    • East Coast Road, a scenic beachway along the Coromandel coast of South India
    • East Cross Route in London
    • El Camino Real an old Spanish road in California
  • Railways
    • East Croydon station
    • Euro Cargo Rail, rail freight operator based in France
    • East Central Railway, part of the Indian rail network, see East Central Railway Zone (India)
    • Eastern Counties Railway, defunct British railway company
Science and technology
  • Electron cyclotron resonance, a phenomenon in physics
  • European Congress of Radiology
  • Edmonton Capital Region
  • Electronic Cash Register
  • Engine control room (shipbuilding abbreviation)
  • Early Career Researcher

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List Of European Court Of Justice Rulings - Principles of Union Law - Primacy
... Costa v ENEL 6/64 ECR 585 Community law takes precedence over the Member States own domestic law ... Simmenthal II 106/77 ECR 629 Duty to set aside provisions of national law which are incompatible with Community law ... Marleasing C-106/89 ECR I-7321 National law must be interpreted and applied, insofar as possible, so as to avoid a conflict with a Community rule ...
LD&ECR Class A
... The LD ECR class A (LNER Class N6) was a class of 0-6-2T steam locomotives of the Lancashire, Derbyshire and East Coast Railway ... An order for 15 more was placed in 1899 but five of these were not delivered because the LD ECR was unable to pay for them ... There are some detail differences between the LD ECR class A and the H BR Class F1 but these were the result of later modifications ...
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... Van Gend en Loos 26/62 ECR 1 "The Community constitutes a new legal order of international law for the benefit of which the States have limited their sovereign rights" ... relate to the interpretation of the treaty." Franz Grad 9/70 ECR-825 Commission v Italy 39/72 ECR 101 Reyners 2/74 ECR 631 Defrenne II ECR 455 Amsterdam Bulb 50/76 ECR 137 States can ...