Ebro River

  • (noun): A Spanish river; flows into the Mediterranean.
    Synonyms: Ebro

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Hasdrubal Barca - Youth and Iberian Leadership
... Hannibal, escaped, as Hamilcar led the Iberians in the opposite direction and drowned in the River Jucar ... Hasdrubal could join Hanno, the Carthaginian commander on the North of Ebro River, the Romans had fought and won the Battle of Cissa and established ... Army and the fleet moved north side by side and encamped on the mouth of the Ebro River ...
Battle Of Dertosa - Strategic Situation - Iberia
... Hasdrubal had been on the defensive since the defeat of his fleet at Battle of Ebro River in the spring of 217 BC ... Boaster, a subordinate commander, with a force to guard the Ebro line against any Roman encroachment ... Boaster had retreated when the Romans had crossed the Ebro ...
Battle Of Ebro River
... Battle of Ebro River was a naval battle fought between a Carthaginian fleet of approximately 40 quinqueremes under the command of Himilco and a Roman ... to destroy the Roman base north of the Ebro River ...

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    We approached the Indian Island through the narrow strait called “Cook.” He said, “I ‘xpect we take in some water there, river so high,—never see it so high at this season. Very rough water there, but short; swamp steamboat once. Don’t paddle till I tell you, then you paddle right along.” It was a very short rapid. When we were in the midst of it he shouted “paddle,” and we shot through without taking in a drop.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)