East Slavic

East Slavic can refer to:

  • East Slavic languages
  • East Slavic peoples

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Relationship Of Cyrillic And Glagolitic Scripts - The "Russian Letters" in Vita Constantini
... a view that Constantine indeed found and Old East Slavic text, and that the man he encountered spoke that language ... had he in fact already found and familiarized himself or otherwise experimented with a Slavic script in the Crimea, while en route to Khazars ... Old Russian, aka Old East Slavic) by the later East Slavic copyist, to whom 'Syriac' here presumably made little sense ...
List Of Belarus-related Topics - History of Belarus - East Slavic History Stubs
... Konstantinovich Ostrozhskiy Koleda Konstantin of Murom Konyushy List of early East Slavic states Liubech Liškiava Mstislav II of Kiev Namestnik Ostroh Pereyaslavets Polish-Lithuanian-Ruthenian Commonwealth ...
Slavic Liquid Metathesis And Pleophony - Reflexes in Slavic Languages
... In South Slavic the vowel and the liquid metathesize, and as a side-effect the vowel lengthens (*e > *ē > ě, *a > *ā > a) *al > la *ar > ra *el > l ... váltis, Sanskrit vártman ('path'), English milk as opposed to the metathesized South Slavic RVC structure ... just like in South Slavic), and in the rest of West and East Slavic languages only when the syllable is under acute (rising) accent compare Proto-Slavic *a̋rdla ('plough') Serbo-Croatian rȁlo Czech rádlo Russian rál ...

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    We have heard all of our lives how, after the Civil War was over, the South went back to straighten itself out and make a living again. It was for many years a voiceless part of the government. The balance of power moved away from it—to the north and the east. The problems of the north and the east became the big problem of the country and nobody paid much attention to the economic unbalance the South had left as its only choice.
    Lyndon Baines Johnson (1908–1973)