Dynamic Arrays

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Tradeoffs - Linked Lists Vs. Dynamic Arrays
... Linked list Array Dynamic array Balanced tree Random access list Indexing Θ(n) Θ(1) Θ(1) Θ(log n) Θ(log n) Insert/delete at beginning Θ(1) Θ(n) Θ(log n) Θ(1) Insert/delete at end Θ(1) Θ(1 ... If the space reserved for the dynamic array is exceeded, it is reallocated and (possibly) copied, an expensive operation ... Linked lists have several advantages over dynamic arrays ...
C Syntax - Data Structures - Arrays - Dynamic Arrays
... A desired feature is the ability to set the length of an array dynamically at run-time int n =.. ... int a a = 10 C (but not C89) supports variable-length arrays (VLAs) within block scope ... Such array variables are allocated based on the value of an integer value at runtime upon entry to a block, and are deallocated at the end of the block ...

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