Dy Saveth

Dy Saveth (born 1944) is a renowned Cambodian actress and first Miss Cambodia (1959). She featured several films throughout the 1960s until the communist takeover in 1975, and later from 1993 to present. She married Huoy Keng, an actor, producer and film director, during the 1970s. Just as Van Vanak ran his own production company, Huoy Keng and Dy Saveth jointly ran Sovann Kiry. After the Khmer Rouge came to power in 1975, Dy Saveth and Huoy Keng escaped to France together and later moved to Hong Kong. There they separated while Keng continued his film business and became one of Hong Kong's first millionaires.

She returned to Cambodia in 1993 and resumed acting.

In 2011, she appears in documentary Golden slumbers by filmmaker Davy Chou.

In 2012, she makes her stage debut in the play Cambodia, here I am by Jean-Baptiste Phou.

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