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Dumont or DuMont is a common family name in France that has spread to many other countries. It is the name of:

  • Dumont de Montigny (1696-after 1753), French explorer and author
  • Alberto Santos-Dumont (1873–1932), Brazilian aviation pioneer and inventor
  • Allen B. DuMont, American inventor, industrialist, and pioneer in the early years of television
  • Bruno Dumont (born 1958), French motion picture director (of polemic La Vie de Jésus fame)
  • Charles Dumont de Sainte Croix (1758–1830), French zoologist
  • Eric Dumont (born 1961), French yachtsman
  • Éric Dumont, French horticulturalist
  • Fernand Dumont (1927–1997), sociologist, poet and writer from Québec, Canada
  • Gabriel Dumont (ice hockey), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Gabriel Dumont (Métis leader) (1837–1906), Canadian indigenous leader of the Métis people
  • Henri Dumont (1610–1684), French musician and composer
  • Ivy Dumont (born 1930), governor-general of the Bahamas
  • Jean-Pierre Dumont, Canadian professional ice hockey forward
  • José Dumont (born 1950), Brazilian TV and movie actor
  • Jules Dumont d'Urville (1790–1842), French naval officer and explorer
  • Léon Dumont (1837-1877), French psychologist and philosopher
  • Louis Dumont (anthropologist) (1911–1998), French sociologist and anthropologist
  • Margaret Dumont (1882–1965), American actress
  • Mario Dumont (born 1970), Canadian politician from Québec
  • Pierre Étienne Louis Dumont (1759–1829), French/Swiss political writer
  • René Dumont (1904–2001), French agronomist, sociologist and scientist
  • Stéphane Dumont (born 1982), French footballer
  • Tom Dumont, lead guitarist of third wave ska band No Doubt

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