Drum Brake

A drum brake is a brake that uses friction caused by a set of shoes or pads that press against a rotating drum-shaped part called a brake drum.

The term drum brake usually means a brake in which shoes press on the inner surface of the drum. When shoes press on the outside of the drum, it is usually called a clasp brake. Where the drum is pinched between two shoes, similar to a conventional disc brake, it is sometimes called a pinch drum brake, though such brakes are relatively rare. A related type called a band brake uses a flexible belt or "band" wrapping around the outside of a drum.

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... A drag brake is a type of brake defined by its use rather than by its mechanical design ... A drag brake is intended to provide a constant decelerating force to slow a bicycle on a long downhill rather than to stop it — a separate braking system ... A drag brake is often employed on a heavy bicycle such as a tandem in mountainous areas where extended use of rim brakes could cause a rim to become hot enough to blow out ...
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... Brake drums are used in modern concert and film music to provide a non-pitched metal sound similar to an anvil ... To produce the clearest sound, percussionists hang the drum with nylon cord or place it on foam ... Other methods include mounting the brake drum on a snare drum stand ...
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... The twin-leading-shoe brake (2LS) is a type of drum brake that has two leading shoes, rather than the single leading shoe and a single trailing shoe of a single-leading shoe (SL. 2LS brakes are fitted on the front axle of automobiles, or the front wheel of a motorcycle ... A 2LS brake is more powerful than an SLS design ...
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