DPI may stand for

  • Dots per inch, a measure of printing resolution
  • Dhaka Polytechnic Institute, an educational institution of Bangladesh
  • Death Pact International, one of the first open source musical concept projects
  • Deep packet inspection, a form of computer network packet filtering
  • New South Wales Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI), an Australian governmental unit
  • Department of Public Information, related to U.N.
  • Digital Program Insertion
  • Disabled Peoples' International, an international non-governmental organization
  • Disposable personal income
  • Drawbar Pull Index, a measure of how much force a vehicle (agricultural tractor) can pull.
  • Dry powder inhaler, a drug delivery device
  • Dual Polarisation Interferometry
  • Dye penetrant inspection, a Nondestructive testing method

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Deep Packet Inspection - Hardware
... Many current DPI methods are slow and costly, especially for high bandwidth applications ... More efficient methods of DPI are being developed ... Specialized routers are now able to perform DPI routers armed with a dictionary of programs will help identify the purposes behind the LAN and internet traffic they ...
Logitech VX Revolution - Pointing Devices
... Wired Remarks References G5 9 Yes Laser 400-2000 dpi Yes Replaced by G500 in 2009 G7 8 Yes Laser 400-2000 dpi 2.4 GHz Li-Ion No G500 10 Yes Yes 5700 dpi Yes G600 20 Yes No IR Laser 200-8200 dpi Yes Color ... G700 13 Yes Yes IR Laser 200-5700 dpi (software controlled) 2.4 GHz No 1 × AA NiMH (rechargeable) non-rechargeable AAs not supported may be connected wirelessly or via USB cable MX-500 8 Yes MX Revolution ... VX Revolution 2006 Yes Yes IR Laser 800 dpi 2.4 GHz No 1 × AA No Released in celebration of Logitech's 25th anniversary ...
... DPI-3290 was discovered by Delta Pharmaceutical and is a drug that is used in scientific research ... DPI-3290 acts as an agonist at both μ- and δ-opioid receptor, with an IC50 of 6.2nM at μ and 1.0nM at δ ...
Soil Policy (Victoria, Australia) - Victorian Government Agencies With Policies Implicating Soil - Department of Primary Industries (DPI)
... The vision of the DPI is Growing our Future, which is compatible the state’s 10-year vision, Growing Victoria Together” ... high quality natural resources, long term, and resilient industries and communities (DPI, 2007) ... The soil policy position of DPI, with respect to agriculture and private forestry, is predicated on two requirements healthy and productive lands to support sustainable production of 'agricultural' goods and services ...