Dornier may refer to:

  • Claudius Dornier (1884-1969), German aircraft designer and builder
    • Dornier Flugzeugwerke, German aircraft manufacturer founded in 1914 by Claudius Dornier
  • Dornier Consulting, international consulting and project management company
  • Fairchild-Dornier, in 1996, Fairchild took on this name, when it purchased Dornier's assets, see Fairchild Aircraft
  • Lindauer Dornier, German textile machinery manufacturer

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... Dornier Do J "Wal" (12 passengers, 19 aircraft) Dornier Do R "Super Wal" (12 passengers, 6 aircraft) Dornier Do X (66 passengers, 2 aircraft) ...
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... known for having been home to the Zeppelin Airship Company, the Dornier Flugzeugwerke, Tognum AG and its commercial internal combustion engine manufacturing subsidiary - MTU Friedrichshafen Gmbh as well as ZF ... There is also a Dornier Museum, located at the Friedrichshafen airport, which displays restored Dornier aircraft and technology ...