Dong Dang

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Lạng Sơn Campaign - Aftermath - Battle of Dong Dang, 23 February
... ammunition, De Négrier advanced to attack the Guangxi Army at Dong Dang ... On 23 February de Négrier stormed the Chinese defences at Dong Dang, forcing the Chinese to retreat towards the Chinese border town of Longzhou (Lung-chou, 龍州) ... under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel Herbinger was left at Dong Dang to watch the movements of the Guangxi Army ...
Battle Of Dong Dang
... The Battle of Dong Dang (23 February 1885) was an important French victory during the Sino-French War ... It is named after the town of Dong Dang in northern Tonkin, close to the border between China and Vietnam ...
Battle Of Dong Dang - Chinese Positions
... which rose just to the west of the Mandarin Road and ran due north from Dong Dang to the Gate of China and beyond into China itself ... This massif overlooked Dong Dang and the approaches to the Gate of China, and presented a sheer cliff face towards the southeast ... and the Chinese had established a sheltered artillery position on its summit, just behind Dong Dang, commanding the steep western slopes that an attacker would have to scale ...
Battle Of Dong Dang - The Battle of Dong Dang, 23 February 1885
... on 23 February and followed the Mandarin Road towards Dong Dang ... a tall hill which looked as though it would offer a good view of the Dong Dang valley, where the Chinese were presumably entrenched ...

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