DNA Ligase

In molecular biology, DNA ligase is a specific type of enzyme, a ligase, (EC that facilitates the joining of DNA strands together by catalyzing the formation of a phosphodiester bond. It plays a role in repairing single-strand breaks in duplex DNA in living organisms, but some forms (such as DNA ligase IV) may specifically repair double-strand breaks (i.e. a break in both complementary strands of DNA). Single-strand breaks are repaired by DNA ligase using the complementary strand of the double helix as a template,, with DNA ligase creating the final phosphodiester bond to fully repair the DNA.

DNA ligase has applications in both DNA repair and DNA replication (see Mammalian ligases). In addition, DNA ligase has extensive use in molecular biology laboratories for genetic recombination experiments (see Applications in molecular biology research). Purified DNA ligase is used in gene cloning to join DNA molecules together to form recombinant DNA.

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LIG1 - Clinical Signficance
... Mutations in LIG1 that lead to DNA ligase I deficiency result in immunodeficiency and increased sensitivity to DNA-damaging agents ... There is only one confirmed case of a patient exhibiting Ligase I deficiency, which resulted from an inherited mutant allele ... derived from the patient, confirming that the mutant ligase confers replication errors leading to genomic instability ...
DNA Ligase - History
... The first DNA ligase was purified and characterized in 1967 ... The common commercially available DNA ligases were originally discovered in bacteriophage T4, E ...
MRNA Display - Method
... library starts from the synthesis of a DNA library ... A DNA library for any protein or small peptide of interest can be synthesized by solid-phase synthesis followed by PCR amplification ... Usually, each member of this DNA library has a T7 RNA polymerase transcription site and a ribosomal binding site at the 5’ end ...
... EC number Gene Ontology Molecular function • DNA binding • DNA ligase activity • DNA ligase (ATP) activity • ATP binding • metal ion binding ... DNA ligases are important tools for DNA replication and repair in living organisms ... There are two families of DNA ligases, ATP-dependent DNA ligases and NAD+ dependent DNA ligases ...
Steps in Molecular Cloning - Creation of Recombinant DNA With DNA Ligase
... The creation of recombinant DNA is in many ways the simplest step of the molecular cloning process ... DNA prepared from the vector and foreign source are simply mixed together at appropriate concentrations and exposed to an enzyme (DNA ligase) that covalently links the ends ... The resulting DNA mixture containing randomly joined ends is then ready for introduction into the host organism ...

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