Disturbance and its variants may refer to:

  • Disturbance (ecology), a temporary change in average environmental conditions that causes a pronounced change in an ecosystem
  • Disturbance (film), a section of a 2012 upcoming British horror film
  • Disturbance (geology), linear zone of faults and folds
  • Disturbance (statistics)
  • Disturbance theory, a political postulation
  • "Disturbance," a song by Eyehategod from the album Take as Needed for Pain
  • Disturbing the peace
  • Domestic disturbance, violence occurring between cohabitants
  • Energy field disturbance, an alternative medicine diagnosis
  • Serious emotional disturbance, a mental illness
  • Sudden ionospheric disturbance, an abnormally high plasma density in the D region of the ionosphere caused by a solar flare

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Carreg Cennen Disturbance
... The Carreg Cennen Disturbance is a zone of geological faults and folds in south and mid Wales which forms a part of both the Church Stretton Fault Zone and the Welsh Borderland Fault System ... To the southwest it is known as the 'Llandyfaelog Disturbance' ...
Cyclone Hettie (2009) - Storms - Tropical Disturbance 03F
... Tropical disturbance (Australian scale) Duration December 10 – December 11 Peak intensity 35 km/h (25 mph) 1001 mbar (hPa) Late on December 10, RSMC Nadi reported that a ... The disturbance had no definite low level circulation center with convection confined to the north quadrant of the disturbance ... The disturbance lied to the west of an upperlevel anticyclone and was located in an area of moderately sheared environment ...
Minor Disturbance
... Minor Disturbance was the only studio release by the American hardcore punk band The Teen Idles ... Comprising eight songs, Minor Disturbance referenced a number of issues pertinent to the band, from being turned away at local concerts due to their age ("Too Young to Rock") to what they felt was the increasing ... Upon its release, Minor Disturbance, Dischord Records' first release, received positive reviews from local fanzines and gained airplay on local radio stations ...
Carreg Cennen Disturbance - The Caledonian Orogeny
... The Carreg Cennen Disturbance is one of the more southerly geological features within Britain which can be described as following the Caledonoid trend ... The Neath Disturbance and the Cribarth Disturbance are similar features also found in south Wales ...

Famous quotes containing the word disturbance:

    ...though one can be callous in Ireland one cannot be wholly opaque or material. An unearthly disturbance works in the spirit; reason can never reconcile one to life; nothing allays the wants one cannot explain.
    Elizabeth Bowen (1899–1973)

    Not a flock of wild geese cackles over our town, but it to some extent unsettles the value of real estate here, and, if I were a broker, I should probably take that disturbance into account.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)