Disposable Restraints

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Hinged Handcuffs - Styles - Plasticuffs
... Plastic restraints, known as wrist ties, riot cuffs, plasticuffs, flexicuffs, flex-cuffs, tri-fold cuffs, zapstraps, zipcuffs, or zip-strips, are ... Disposable restraints could be considered to be cost-inefficient they cannot be loosened, and must be cut off to permit a restrained subject to be fingerprinted, or to attend to ... It is not unheard of for a single subject to receive five or more sets of disposable restraints in his or her first few hours in custody ...
Plastic Handcuffs
... (also called PlastiCuffs or FlexiCuffs or Double Cuffs) are a form of physical restraint for the hands, using plastic straps ... An advantage of disposable restraints is avoidance of transmission of communicable disease metal handcuffs can spread disease through reuse (from blood or other bodily ... Another risk of disposable restraints is that a subject of great physical strength and/or under the influence of drugs may be able to break free from them with enough effort ...

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    Religion which lays so many restraints upon us, is a troublesome companion to those who will lay no restraints upon themselves.
    Laurence Sterne (1713–1768)