Dinosaur Planet

Dinosaur Planet may refer to:

  • Dinosaur Planet (novel), a science fiction novel by Anne McCaffrey
  • Dinosaur Planet, a science fiction novel by Stephen Leigh, book 1 of 6 in his Dinosaur World series
  • Dinosaur Planet, a cancelled video game by Rare which was later revived as Star Fox Adventures
  • Dinosaur Planet (TV series), a television series made by Discovery Channel
  • Planet of Dinosaurs, a 1978 film
  • Dinosaur Planet, a concept album by MJ Hibbett

Other articles related to "dinosaur planet, dinosaurs":

Dinosaur Planet (novel) - Ireta Series
... Dinosaur Planet (1978) The Survivors (Dinosaur Planet II), or Dinosaur Planet Survivors (1984) Sassinak (March 1990), Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Moon The Death of Sleep (June 1990 ...
Turok 5 - Characters
... While attempting to find a spacecraft to escape the dinosaur planet, he accuses Turok of alerting M-G soldiers to their position, and promptly reveals their positions ... He and Turok are also the first ones to encounter the dinosaurs ... It is unclear how he died, but he does not make it off the dinosaur planet at the end with Turok, Slade, and Shepard ...
Dinosaur Planet (TV Series)
... Dinosaur Planet is a four-part American nature documentary first aired on Discovery Channel in 2003 ... Dinosaur Planet depicts dinosaurs living in various parts of the world (Asia, North America, South America and Europe) 80 milion years ago, using CGI (just like Discovery Channel's earlier When Dinosaurs Roamed ... In actuality, a good part of the dinosaurs were designed by Mark Dubeau, who was the art director and primary creature designer on the aforementioned "When Dinosaurs Roamed America" ...
Star Fox Adventures - Development
... going to plan Star Fox Adventures for the Nintendo 64, as Dinosaur Planet, a game unrelated to the Star Fox series ... interview that, after reviewing content of Dinosaur Planet for the Nintendo 64, the similarities of Rare's anthropomorphic designs to Nintendo's Fox McCloud design were striking ... The original title was Star Fox Adventures Dinosaur Planet, but "Dinosaur Planet" was later removed ...

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