Ding may refer to:

  • Ding (vessel), a type of ancient Chinese vessel with three legs
  • Ding (surname), a Chinese surname (and list of people with the name)
  • (ding) or Gnus, a news reader
  • Ding language, Bantu language spoken in the Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Ding, a webcomic by Scott Kurtz
  • "Ding", a song by Seeed
  • King Ding of Zhou, King of the Zhou Dynasty in Ancient China

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Miss Sophia's Diary - History
... A major influence on the story was Ding Ling's personal experiences at that time, including depression, exhaustion, and impoverishment ... Barlow describes Ding Ling in 1927 as "miserable, drinking heavily, dispirited by the national tragedy of political counterrevolution, and exhausted by her impoverished ... More generally, Ding Ling was passing from the milieu of a girls' schools to the male-dominated literary scene and involvement with some of China's most sophisticated ...
Looking Back In Anger - Cast
... Felix Wong as Sean Ding Yau Kin, Ding Wing Cheung Deric Wan as Ben Ding Yau Hong Yammie Lam as Mui Fan Fong Soh Hang-suen as Aunt Wan (Yip Sau Wan) Maggie Shiu as Chiu Kar Mun Kathy Chow as ... Szeto Wu Fung as Lee Ho Cheun Ng Kai Ming as Sam Fung Yiu Ming Gregory Lee as Ding Yau Kin (1960's) Kong Ngai as Lee Lap Leung See Ho as Chow Zhi Mun Hor Kar Lai ...
Ding Guangen - Biography
... Ding was elevated to Central Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) in 1987, and was expected to succeed more prominent posts ... Later, Ding became the director of Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council ... Ding re-emerged in 1989 and took charge of the United Front Work Department of CPC ...
Peter Friedrich Röding
... Peter Friedrich Röding (1767–1846) was a German malacologist who lived in Hamburg ... Many of Röding's descriptions (often simply a German rendition of the Latin binomial name) are of species which were first named by earlier authors such as Johann Hieronymus Chemnitz ... Röding's references to pre-existing descriptions and figures make these names also valid, since they are unequivocally recognizable, and were (after Röding ...