Diffusion Equation

The diffusion equation is a partial differential equation which describes density dynamics in a material undergoing diffusion. It is also used to describe processes exhibiting diffusive-like behaviour, for instance the 'diffusion' of alleles in a population in population genetics.

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Radiative Transfer Equation And Diffusion Theory For Photon Transport In Biological Tissue - Diffusion Theory - The Diffusion Equation
... Using the second assumption of diffusion theory, we note that the fractional change in current density over one transport mean free path is negligible ... The vector representation of the diffusion theory RTE reduces to Fick's law, which defines current density in terms of the gradient of fluence rate ... scalar representation of the RTE gives the diffusion equation is the diffusion coefficient and μ'sμs is the reduced scattering coefficient ...
Radiative Transfer Equation And Diffusion Theory For Photon Transport In Biological Tissue - Solutions To The Diffusion Equation - Point Sources in Infinite Homogeneous Media
... A solution to the diffusion equation for the simple case of a short-pulsed point source in an infinite homogeneous medium is presented in this section ... The source term in the diffusion equation becomes, where is the position at which fluence rate is measured and is the position of the source ... The diffusion equation is solved for fluence rate to yield The term represents the exponential decay in fluence rate due to absorption in accordance with Beer's law ...
Eddy Current - Explanation - Diffusion Equation
... The derivation of a useful equation for modelling the effect of eddy currents in a material starts with the differential, magnetostatic form of Ampère's Law, providing an ... The diffusion equation therefore is ...
Convection–diffusion Equation
... The convection–diffusion equation is a combination of the diffusion and convection (advection) equations, and describes physical phenomena where particles, energy ... Depending on context, the same equation can be called the advection–diffusion equation, drift–diffusion equation, Smoluchowski equation (after Marian Smoluchowski ...
Diffusion Equation - Discretization (Image)
... The product rule is used to rewrite the anisotropic tensor diffusion equation, in standard discretization schemes ... Because direct discretization of the diffusion equation with only first order spatial central differences leads to checkerboard artifacts ... The rewritten diffusion equation used in image filtering where "tr" denotes the trace of the 2nd rank tensor, and superscript "T" denotes transpose, in which in image filtering D ...

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